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Where It’s Not Happening

Where it’s Not Happening: Thoughts on Looking for the Place of Inspiration It was Friday night. I was 20. I was going to bed, reluctantly, because I was exhausted. “I am going to my room,” I lamented to my roommate, “but I think I should be out somewhere conquering the world instead!” My roommate didn’t … Continue reading


Kay Ryan Quotable

I live walking distance from the Library of Congress where Poet Laureate, Kay Ryan, did a reading a week or so ago. In any case, I so enjoyed Ms. Ryan’s interview with The Paris Review. In fact, I thought I’d share a quote. “It seems like many people think that if you drive yourself crazy, then … Continue reading

Poet Alan King Exposed

  Q:  Where do you see yourself in the larger scheme of African American poetics and Contemporary American Poetry?   I see myself as up and coming. Following a long line of those following a legacy laid before them. The larger scheme of African American poetics, for me, is the landscape I tread within. It’s … Continue reading

Writer as Anthropologist

The other day I found a gold mine in the Nigerian-born singer/songwriter Keziah Jones. I was listening to Pandora and I heard this beautiful music pouring out. Immediately, I looked him up and ordered one of his discs. After ordering one of his discs it occurred to me, how many other musicians/artists/writers are out there … Continue reading

Ethelbert Interviews Abdul Ali

Abdul Ali is a young talented poet who just might be another Langston learning why DC can be so blue. What happens when a black man walks these streets? What happens when he misses the bus to the subway?  Abdul Ali is writing poems that map the space he finds himself in. This is the … Continue reading

Amiri Baraka Quotable

AA: How did you develop your voice (both literary and politically?) So many younger poets copy you (understandably so). Do you have any advice on how we younger poets can develop our own voice and style as you have? AB: Dont worry about form, except as a verb. Come from yr feelings! Let form be … Continue reading

Reading at Strathmore Mansion in Bethesda

  Author Marita Golden and I will read from the anthology It’s All Love. This reading is a lunchtime event.  This reading will begin promptly at 11:30am on Thursday, October 22. For more information about this anthology and or the Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Foundation (which the book benefits) click here.