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Some Things I Did When I Wasn’t Blogging

-I had Thanksgiving dinner for the first time at a buffet. It was lots of fun. No dishes. Same food. Easy to clean-up. -My Dad took the bus from NYC to be with me and his granddaughter. It was an interesting experience. Some fatherhood posts are forthcoming. -On my weekly trip to the library I … Continue reading


Interview with Tara Betts

How did you come up with the title? What does Arc & Hue mean? The title, Arc & Hue, is culled from a poem in the first section about a little boy and I drawing on the sidewalks outside my mother’s house in Kankakee, IL. I kept thinking of how, as adults, we try to … Continue reading

Flashback Fridays with Tinesha Davis

This is the way it starts. I’m writing a new book and like my last book (and probably the next book) it is set in the neighborhoods where I grew up. This is how it begins. The reminiscing. The going back in the day, the urge to visit where I came from, the obsession to … Continue reading

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Catching My Breath

It feels like a week since I’ve had time to post.  But there’s good reason, I’ve been busy. I started a new gig with Split This Rock working with Sarah Browning & company (Melissa, Katherine, Jaime, Alicia, and Reggie), activist-poets based here in Washington. Here’s a short interview I did with Sarah on a previous blog, Poetic … Continue reading

Fade to Black

There’s a “flashback” section in almost every magazine that I read, usually on the last page. Typically, some historic icon or moment is recovered for all to appreciate. I thought I’d cop this journalistic feature here on Words Matter. Since this is a blog about culture, I thought I’d start things off by sharing a cultural moment.  Albeit a private one, … Continue reading

Lots to Celebrate…

I just received my notification letter that I am one of ten recipients awarded the Artist Fellowship grant from the DC Commission on the Arts for Literature.  To say that I’m ecstatic is an understatement. Nonetheless, there is this heavy feeling that I need to make good use of this award for the advancement of … Continue reading

Discovering Literary Black Britain

It all started with a postcard: “Think you know British Lit? Think Again” so read a  black-and-white photograph of a pensive bespectacled young man. A private conversation began with that picture. What do I really know about British Literature? And where is the black voice(s) in that narrative? When Courttia Newland (www.courttianewland.com) was invited to … Continue reading