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Remembering the Children of Haiti

Patrick Harrel, staff photographer for the Miami Herald, won the Pulitizer prize his photographic stills of storm-torn Haiti (circa 2009). What’s striking about this photo is the subject’s eyes. I wonder how the children of Haiti view the International community? Do they feel loved by us? Invisible? As one of God’s creations?

Art has that unique ability of asking so many questions all at once. Words Matter gives a huge shout out to the photographer of this photo and so many more, Patrick Harrel.


About Abdul Ali

I'm a fellow at American University studying creative nonfiction and poetry. I write across a few genres but it's all brought together by larger questions about culture.


One thought on “Remembering the Children of Haiti

  1. What a compelling image. There was video of a child being rescued from the rubble (today?) – some seven days after the initial quake. He lifted his hands to the sky (in triumph, or joy, or in praise?). I’d imagine he sees the international community as the help he needed in a time of trouble. Let’s hope they/we will continue to be…

    Posted by Mig | January 20, 2010, 2:21 PM

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