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Searching for the Old Erykah

For the better part of the past 48 hours, I’ve been consumed with listening to Part II of the New AmErykah trilogy. Listening for what is being said, how it’s put together, how it differs from the previous albums. Trying to figure out what I feel about the “Window Seat” video. (I dig the song, by the way.) Measuring all of this into what’s suppose to be a review of the album. I feel that the whole album is now eclipsed by the video.

I decided to let my draft of the review sit for a while and I’ll come back to it tomorrow morning. The important part is that I do what I feel any culture writer (I dare not use the word critic) should do–to see and contextualize, search for meaning, implications, etc.

I pray that’s what I’m doing. It’s very difficult to write objectively about things you’re passionate about. We’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile, I’d like to say for the record that I miss the headwrap wearing Erykah. The down to earth one. The one who kept her clothes on. The one who’d break out into a chuckle out of shyness. I guess I miss the less eccentric Ms. Badu.

Has anyone heard this song, Annie Don’t Wear No Panties?

I’ll post the review for TheRoot once it’s all final.

About Abdul Ali

I'm a fellow at American University studying creative nonfiction and poetry. I write across a few genres but it's all brought together by larger questions about culture.


One thought on “Searching for the Old Erykah

  1. the video is an unfortunate blemish on an otherwise flawless skin.

    Posted by Tzynya | April 5, 2010, 11:10 PM

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