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Installation #3

Photographer Leslie Sinclair watching his daughter Marion ride a tricycle. This is Marian’s first trip to her father’s homeland, Havana Cuba. Sinclair and his family now reside in Geneva. He’s one of my favorite photographers living.

Installation #2 (Fatherhood Series)

  The tools in his truck rattle when we go over the slightest bumps. Dad and I might be cruising some street in D.C., Maryland, or Virginia. We might be on our way to a service call or on our way back from meeting a potential client. Dad’s a self-employed master electrician/electrical contractor. He’s 6-foot-1 … Continue reading


Fathering Words with E. Ethelbert Miller

Egberto Miller walks to the subway carrying his lunch. My mother has taken the time to fix him a good meal. I will remember the exchange of small brown paper bags more than hugs and kisses between my parents. When we moved into the St. Mary’s Housing Projects, we lived on the seventeenth floor; my … Continue reading


   Almost two years ago, I wrote an essay for The Root about my twin struggle to be both an artist and a good “single” father. This may well be one of my most celebrated pieces. I got invited on NPR with Mark Anthony Neal to discuss my experience. So, now I thought that for … Continue reading

New Chapter

When I read stories–regardless of genre–I like a good sense of place. I might even go so far to say that I enjoy when the writer gives the place a personality. For instance, Morrison literally makes the house in Beloved breathe, haunt, and also comment. It almost becomes a character in the novel. Gloria Naylor does … Continue reading

Beat Memories