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One Day on Earth

One of the most innovative uses of social media I’ve seen to date. One Day on Earth is launching a 24 hour film movement that will incluse film stories from all over the world. For for 24 hours, we’ll one story pulsing in technicolor. I’ve written a short piece about this and hope to follow … Continue reading


Remember Maya Angelou before Celebrity?

I came across this interview with Maya Angelou from the 1980s, and it occurred to me that this is the woman whose voice and words I fell in love with. I read her autobiographies and world literally¬†opened up to me. I don’t hear this person speak when I see her interviewed these days. Granted, she’s … Continue reading

Writer as Anthropologist

The other day I found a gold mine in the Nigerian-born singer/songwriter Keziah Jones. I was listening to Pandora and I heard this beautiful music pouring out. Immediately, I looked him up and ordered one of his discs. After ordering one of his discs it occurred to me, how many other musicians/artists/writers are out there … Continue reading