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   Almost two years ago, I wrote an essay for The Root about my twin struggle to be both an artist and a good “single” father. This may well be one of my most celebrated pieces. I got invited on NPR with Mark Anthony Neal to discuss my experience. So, now I thought that for … Continue reading


Poetry 101

Since I left college, I’ve learned that sometimes the professor who always offered honest critiques helped you grow as a poet much more than those who praised you and made you feel great. I caught up with Jon Woodson, Ph.D and asked him a few questions. His perspectives about art—poetry in particular— are always interesting … Continue reading

Poems That Flow to the Brim

This week with all of the hoopla about snowfall, deadlines, and fleeting meltdowns, I had the distinct pleasure of not only meeting a new poet but encountering her work. Antoinette Brim’s debut collection, Psalm of the Sunflower was a delight. We had an opportunity to correspond about her debut collection. My first question is– Psalm … Continue reading

Framing 2009, Envisioning 2010

Tzyna Pynchback, one of my good writer-friends and I decided to have a conversation about 2009 in all of its beauty and ugliness. We examine the personal and the public and what I think this blog is all about–interrogating culture. What it all means and what can we gather from the music, films, and books that … Continue reading