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Amel Larrieux at the Howard Theatre

There were minimal props to Amel Larrieux’s show on Friday evening at the Howard Theatre. Mood lighting. Live band. And of course the singer: Wild-haired, a frizzy blow out parted down the middle. Amel stepped onto the stage in MC Hammer-baggy pants with high-heeled pumps swagging with a bounce showing off her chiseled arms. The … Continue reading


Lenny Kravitz Goes Gray on “Black and White”

        Black and White America, Lenny Kravitz’s ninth studio album, is technically a very fine album. But if you’re not willing to overlook the fact that Lenny Kravitz sidesteps talking about race in America — which the title of his album suggests he will — then you might understandably dismiss the album … Continue reading

Tupac at 40: What if He Survived?

For the past month, in anticipation of what would have been his fortieth birthday, I’ve become a obsessed with Tupac Shakur — torn between the very public shape-shifter that he was who scrawled THUG LIFE on his abdomen and the relatively young man who grew up without a father, and transitioned into manhood under the harshest of … Continue reading

Tyler Perry Vs. Spike Lee

Cameo Appearance in Youtube Video

None of this would be possible if it weren’t for the very talented Gemal Woods of Park Triangle Productions.

“For Colored Girls”

I was privileged to see my words again published on The Root. So many emotions are wrapped into this film. I couldn’t possibly address all of them. What I honestly attempted to do was to point out the fact that I see a trend of films coming about and getting critical acclaim about pathology in … Continue reading

One Day on Earth

One of the most innovative uses of social media I’ve seen to date. One Day on Earth is launching a 24 hour film movement that will incluse film stories from all over the world. For for 24 hours, we’ll one story pulsing in technicolor. I’ve written a short piece about this and hope to follow … Continue reading

Summer Art Festivals

  Here’s something new I put together for TheRoot. It’s a compilation of summer art festivals. Enjoy!

Installation #4

My father has many sayings.  For example, when my siblings and I were growing up, he rarely allowed us to watch TV, but when he caught us watching something he would always say the same thing:  “Why are you watching the TV?  Instead of watching the TV, you should go to your room and study … Continue reading

Installation #3

Photographer Leslie Sinclair watching his daughter Marion ride a tricycle. This is Marian’s first trip to her father’s homeland, Havana Cuba. Sinclair and his family now reside in Geneva. He’s one of my favorite photographers living.