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Poems That Flow to the Brim

This week with all of the hoopla about snowfall, deadlines, and fleeting meltdowns, I had the distinct pleasure of not only meeting a new poet but encountering her work. Antoinette Brim’s debut collection, Psalm of the Sunflower was a delight. We had an opportunity to correspond about her debut collection. My first question is– Psalm … Continue reading


Flashback Fridays with Tinesha Davis

This is the way it starts. I’m writing a new book and like my last book (and probably the next book) it is set in the neighborhoods where I grew up. This is how it begins. The reminiscing. The going back in the day, the urge to visit where I came from, the obsession to … Continue reading

Discovering Literary Black Britain

It all started with a postcard: “Think you know British Lit? Think Again” so read a  black-and-white photograph of a pensive bespectacled young man. A private conversation began with that picture. What do I really know about British Literature? And where is the black voice(s) in that narrative? When Courttia Newland (www.courttianewland.com) was invited to … Continue reading

Where It’s Not Happening

Where it’s Not Happening: Thoughts on Looking for the Place of Inspiration It was Friday night. I was 20. I was going to bed, reluctantly, because I was exhausted. “I am going to my room,” I lamented to my roommate, “but I think I should be out somewhere conquering the world instead!” My roommate didn’t … Continue reading