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So I just returned from Chicago for the 2012 AWP Conference, and I’d love to do a full review of the trip but, alas, time to play catch up. But in a nutshell, here it is: I enjoyed seeing folks both near and far that I hadn’t seen in at least a year. Though I … Continue reading


5 Things I’ve Been Thinking About/Doing

Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted something. I’m so grateful for those of you who still read this blog. I can see that there’s a steady stream of visitors everyday. Here are some things I’ve learned/done/or am working on since the last time I’ve posted (which was back in January, yikes!) 1. … Continue reading

Back in the Habit!

It’s been a little over a month since I last posted. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the past month: 1. Started an editorial internship with the online news and culture magazine, The Root 2. Saw the play Let Me Down Easy and interviewed Anna Deveare Smith, the playwright-actress who conceived the fascinating show. … Continue reading

Deep Breath

This is just a short note to update Words Matter readers that I appreciate all of the support you all have given me these past four months. The numbers are unbelievable–hundreds of folks are logging-on to see what’s going on in this virtual world I’ve created. For those of who you may not know the great … Continue reading


Things have been happening so fast. I looked up this weekend and realized January was out. Everything’s beginning to get crowded: tax season is upon me, writing is backlogged (thanks to new writing group, brother’s gonna work it out), grad school applications, new online publication I’m involved with about to drop about indie black film … Continue reading

Starting a Poetry Band

One of the challenges of being an artist is having to decide which “art” to push centerstage. We’re all so very complex. Even as writers, there’s such a fertile ground. And, God forbid you don’t choose, you’ll descend into a dilettante. And it will begin to affect other areas of your life. It’s difficult to move forward … Continue reading

Some Things I Did When I Wasn’t Blogging

-I had Thanksgiving dinner for the first time at a buffet. It was lots of fun. No dishes. Same food. Easy to clean-up. -My Dad took the bus from NYC to be with me and his granddaughter. It was an interesting experience. Some fatherhood posts are forthcoming. -On my weekly trip to the library I … Continue reading

Catching My Breath

It feels like a week since I’ve had time to post.  But there’s good reason, I’ve been busy. I started a new gig with Split This Rock working with Sarah Browning & company (Melissa, Katherine, Jaime, Alicia, and Reggie), activist-poets based here in Washington. Here’s a short interview I did with Sarah on a previous blog, Poetic … Continue reading