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Installation #2 (Fatherhood Series)

  The tools in his truck rattle when we go over the slightest bumps. Dad and I might be cruising some street in D.C., Maryland, or Virginia. We might be on our way to a service call or on our way back from meeting a potential client. Dad’s a self-employed master electrician/electrical contractor. He’s 6-foot-1 … Continue reading

Fathering Words with E. Ethelbert Miller

Egberto Miller walks to the subway carrying his lunch. My mother has taken the time to fix him a good meal. I will remember the exchange of small brown paper bags more than hugs and kisses between my parents. When we moved into the St. Mary’s Housing Projects, we lived on the seventeenth floor; my … Continue reading

Beat Memories


Poems That Flow to the Brim

This week with all of the hoopla about snowfall, deadlines, and fleeting meltdowns, I had the distinct pleasure of not only meeting a new poet but encountering her work. Antoinette Brim’s debut collection, Psalm of the Sunflower was a delight. We had an opportunity to correspond about her debut collection. My first question is– Psalm … Continue reading

Framing 2009, Envisioning 2010

Tzyna Pynchback, one of my good writer-friends and I decided to have a conversation about 2009 in all of its beauty and ugliness. We examine the personal and the public and what I think this blog is all about–interrogating culture. What it all means and what can we gather from the music, films, and books that … Continue reading

Remember Maya Angelou before Celebrity?

I came across this interview with Maya Angelou from the 1980s, and it occurred to me that this is the woman whose voice and words I fell in love with. I read her autobiographies and world literally opened up to me. I don’t hear this person speak when I see her interviewed these days. Granted, she’s … Continue reading

A Conversation With Randall Horton

In the lingua franca of ninth street, the reader encounters a barrage of pathologies threatening the District’s residents such as death, drug addiction, and hopelessness. How did you emerge a prodigal son—if you will allow me to read this as autobiographical—there’s a running suit of poems titled “notes from a prodigal son”? The poems titled “Notes … Continue reading

Rita Dove Quotable

I love this woman, this poet. I have ever since I remember reading her poetry in high school. Imagine my amazement when I discovered she was a black woman! “Have you ever heard a good joke? If you’ve ever heard someone just right, with the right pacing, then you’re already on the way to poetry. … Continue reading

Etheridge Knight quote

    ”Black Poets should live—not leap from steel bridges, like the white boys do.”  Source: poem hunter.com 1933-1991