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Poetry Will Occupy the Nation’s Capital

Split This Rock, a progressive literary festival, will convene March 22-25 to honor the tenth anniversary of poet-activist June Jordan’s death and rekindle the OWS movement in the nation’s capital. The biannual literary festival has evolved from a decidedly local group of D.C.-based poet-activists (DC Poets Against the War) who spoke out against the double wars that began in … Continue reading


Recalling History, Reframing Haiti

I spotted this quote on the Web. I found it interesting that Mr. Wendell, a well-off Harvard man of the 1800s would say this about Haiti. It seems so ultra, ultra-progressive. Nonetheless, here’s my attempt at changing the conversation. God if you’re listening, how about a moratorium on natural disasters for us (meaning black people, … Continue reading

Remember Maya Angelou before Celebrity?

I came across this interview with Maya Angelou from the 1980s, and it occurred to me that this is the woman whose voice and words I fell in love with. I read her autobiographies and world literally opened up to me. I don’t hear this person speak when I see her interviewed these days. Granted, she’s … Continue reading

Obama’s Speech on Unemployment

In October, I left my job or I was fired. My position was terminated. However you slice it my future was uncertain. Surprisingly, I was clear-sighted through it all. I remember it was the tail-end of October. The trees were shedding much like the big and small companies around the nation. I was grateful that … Continue reading