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Check, Please: Black Folks and Tipping

The summer before I started college, almost 10 years ago in Baltimore County, I became a waiter. It was a rite of passage into the workforce, albeit an unglamorous one. Working in a restaurant gave me my first real experience interacting with all sorts of people in an intimate way. At the end of the … Continue reading


Tupac at 40: What if He Survived?

For the past month, in anticipation of what would have been his fortieth birthday, I’ve become a obsessed with Tupac Shakur — torn between the very public shape-shifter that he was who scrawled THUG LIFE on his abdomen and the relatively young man who grew up without a father, and transitioned into manhood under the harshest of … Continue reading

“For Colored Girls”

I was privileged to see my words again published on The Root. So many emotions are wrapped into this film. I couldn’t possibly address all of them. What I honestly attempted to do was to point out the fact that I see a trend of films coming about and getting critical acclaim about pathology in … Continue reading

Teaching Soon-to-be Moms Poetry

Yesterday, I finished the last poetry workshop of my short poet-in-residence for the Arlington Public School program. I enjoyed each school in a different way. There was a funky charter school. The students didn’t have school bells. They called their teachers by their first name. They were pretty hip and very energetic. Sadly most of … Continue reading