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Sade Returns

There are few artists that I hold in the same esteem as Sade. For starters, how many recording artists can come out with an album every ten years and still remain relevant? My moms would play her music in the 80s as she’d give me a bath in the kitchen sink. Hers was a soothing … Continue reading


Lots to Celebrate…

I just received my notification letter that I am one of ten recipients awarded the Artist Fellowship grant from the DC Commission on the Arts for Literature.  To say that I’m ecstatic is an understatement. Nonetheless, there is this heavy feeling that I need to make good use of this award for the advancement of … Continue reading

Discovering Literary Black Britain

It all started with a postcard: “Think you know British Lit? Think Again” so read a  black-and-white photograph of a pensive bespectacled young man. A private conversation began with that picture. What do I really know about British Literature? And where is the black voice(s) in that narrative? When Courttia Newland (www.courttianewland.com) was invited to … Continue reading